Though there’s no guest on this week’s episode of the Shirt Factory Center Stage, that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot going on. This is a jam-packed episode with some important updates about the Lititz Shirt Factory, the podcast, and Jim and Kim themselves.

Listen as Kim and Jim share what’s coming soon at the Shirt Factory and the philosophy when booking acts. You’ll also hear some great stories about Elton John from Roy Claire, Kim seeing Alicia Keys live, and Jim going back up to New York City for a documentary about the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Storytime with Roy Clair (2:50)

Jim and Kim tease a story that didn’t make last week’s episode. Roy Clair told a story of Elton John hiding out and recording in Lititz.

What’s coming up at the Lititz Shirt Factory (6:18)

Jim discusses what acts are coming to Lititz Shirt Factory in the coming weeks, including the Talbot Brothers. Jim explains how the Talbot Brothers were the first act booked at the Shirt Factory and shares a clip.

Philosophy when booking acts (13:24)

Kim and Jim break down the overall philosophy for booking guests, including the types of acts Jim is trying to get at the Shirt Factory.

Summer highlights (16:21)

Summer seems to be going by too fast but there have been plenty of highlights to go around this year. Jim and Kim share some of their highlights from this summer, from running a marathon to seeing Alicia Keys.

September 11 (20:31)

Jim went back up to his old stomping grounds in New York as a part of a documentary focusing on journalism during the September 11th attack for its 20th anniversary.

Live episode (23:35)

If you want to see Jim and Kim taping an episode of the Shirt Factory Center Stage podcast, you’ll get your chance. They’ll be holding a live session with Rich Ruoff, the director of the Lancaster Roots and Blues festival and the Chameleon Club.


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