6: How Roy And Skip Clair Merged Their Love And Business In Lititz

Roy and Skip Clair are Lititz. Not only have they grown up in the area and continue to call it home, they’ve formed one of the most successful sound companies in the world from this little town in Pennsylvania.

On this very special episode of Shirt Factory Center Stage, Jim and Kim sit down with the one and only Roy and Skip Clair. They talk about how Lititz has transformed over the years, the impact the Clair Brothers had on the sound industry, their critical roles within the business and the community, and even some pretty great name drops for you music lovers.

How Roy and Skip met (2:39)

Skip talks about how she met Roy on the grade school playground.

Their partnership in business and life (3:38)

Skip and Roy discuss how they’ve managed to work together, both in business and as a couple, including their roles in building up the company.

The beginning of the business success story (6:10)

Clair Brothers has reached outstanding global success but where did it all start? Roy believes it began with a Christmas gift as a child and really took off when their big break, Dionne Warwick, came calling.

Running the household (10:00)

While Roy was out on the road for work, Skip was back at home taking care of everything else. Skip explains what that was like and how she still got out on the road from time to time.

Sticking in Lititz (11:35)

Despite the advice of many major artists telling Roy and Skip they’d have to move the business to California or New York to truly make it big, they stuck with Lititz. Decades later, that proved to be a great decision. Roy explains how Lititz is actually a great location with a great work ethic.

Roy’s business philosophy (14:24)

Roy has clearly been a great businessman. He shares some of his philosophies on business and discipline.

Mayor of Lititz (17:59)

In addition to running the largest sound company in the world, Roy was the mayor of Lititz as well. He talks about how his roadies inspired his run for mayor and his primary goal of building a new community center. Skip also discusses her role in fundraising and as the director.

The Wilbur (23:22)

Roy explains why he moved to The Wilbur, including how it was the place of his first kiss with Skip.

What should get brought back? (26:48)

Lots of places have come and gone in Lititz. As long-time residents of the town, Roy and Skip talk about the different businesses they wished could return.

Retirement (28:14)

Roy says he’s finding retirement quite enjoyable and isn’t worried about the business


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