One of the features at the Lititz Shirt Factory is Collusion Tap Works, which is located on the ground floor. One of the best independent craft brewers in the country, Collusion is a welcome addition to the Shirt Factory building.

Listen as hosts Jim Hoffer and Kim Schaller talk to Collusion Tap Works co-founder and master brewmaster Jared Barnes. Kim, Jim, and Jared talk about Collusion’s inclusion in the Lititz Shirt Factory building, the beers on tap, and the process and intricacies of brewing.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Collusion brews so amazing or just want to learn more about brewing, this is the perfect episode for you.

Jared’s beer education (1:21)

Jared has some serious craft beer making chops. Having studied the art in Germany, New York, Florida, and in Delaware before eventually creating Collusion Tap Works.

Why return to Lititz? (2:24)

With a thorough background in brewing, Jared could have gone just about anywhere with Collusion’s second location. Instead, he chose a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania. He explains the choice to open up in Lititz

How does location impact tastes (3:53)

Though York and Lititz aren’t terribly far away, Jared has noticed a difference in customer tastes. He explains what he’s noticed between the two locations and how the demographics have altered the menu.

Philosophy of brewing (9:21)

Jared’s philosophy when brewing revolves around the integrity of the beer. That means doing it right and not putting out a mediocre product, no matter how popular it is at the moment.

Jared’s go-to beer (10:58)

Though he’s a master brewer, Jared isn’t pretentious about what he drinks. He shares what his go-to beer was when he was younger and what’s currently hanging out in his fridge at home, including what some might consider surprising choices.

Low-calorie beer (11:56)

Kim says she tends to look at the calorie count in the beers she chooses and wonders what Jared and Collusion have up their sleeves for those calorie-conscious drinkers.

The flubs (13:11)

While Collusion has tons of amazing brews, not all are going to be a hit with customers. Jared shares the beers he thought were going to be winners but ended up struggling.

The hardest beer to brew (14:03)

Jared talks about which beers can be harder to brew, both because of the time and taste.

The most fun beer to brew (14:46)

Jared shares the types of beers that he enjoys brewing the most.

Are brewers really just chemists? (16:11)

There’s so much that goes into brewing beer including the nuances in everything from the hops to the water. While Jared won’t go as far as to call himself a chemist, he recognizes there’s some science to the art form of brewing.

Naming a beer (18:12)

Collusion has great names and designs for their beers. Jared shares what goes into the process of naming a beer.

Taste test (21:31)

Jim, Kim, and Jared sit down with some of Collusion Tap Works’ beers. Jared gives a quick crash course on what goes into truly tasting a beer (color, clarity, flavor profiles, etc) while Kim and Jim share their thoughts on the beers presented.

Competitions (29:00)

With so many great beers on tap, does Collusion Tap Works enter any competitions? Jared gives his perspective on the difficulties of beer competitions and the awards he’s won.

Interests other than brewing (34:15)

Brewing and beer isn’t the only thing Jared likes to do. He shares some of his other interests outside of the brewery.


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