For the first time, Shirt Factory Center Stage has a musical guest on the podcast. Folk band Hinton, Bower, Jones joins hosts Jim Hoffer and Kim Schaller to discuss their upcoming show at the Lititz Shirt Factory on June 24th.

The guys of HBJ talk about a variety of great topics including the evolution of the local folk music scene, how they developed their harmonies over time, and how the coronavirus pandemic impacted them personally and as a band. This is a great look at one of the amazing artists coming to the stage at Lititz Shirt Factory and a behind-the-scenes look at some local music.

What can people expect when HBJ plays (1:56)

How would you feel about being transformed back to a simpler time of melody, harmony, and joy? That’s what Hinton, Bower, Jones promises to those that come to their show at the Lititz Shirt Factory.

Philadelphia’s folk music scene (2:50)

At one time, Philadelphia had a thriving folk music scene. However, in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, does it still exist in the same way. The guys of HBJ talk about what they’ve seen

Developing their chemistry (4:51)

Hinton, Bower, Jones are local folk music legends, but just how long did it take to develop that chemistry and harmonies together? HBJ tells Kim how the group came together and how they’ve developed their harmonic excellence.

How much did COVID help or hinder creativity? (8:04)

Thanks in part to the “find your pod” type of isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, the guys of HBJ found that they were able to dive further into their music together.

Commitment (9:56)

Jim wonders if the guys of Hinton, Bower, Jones have a sense of responsibility to the folk music scene due in part to their years of playing together.

What does live performance mean? (12:29)

HBJ is coming to the Lititz Shirt Factory on June 24. But what does live music really mean for the band, especially after the coronavirus pandemic? Each member of Hinton, Bower, Jones provides their insight and thoughts on the matter.

Music at a young age (15:33)

Jim asks the band if they have a specific memory or experience from childhood that set them down the path of being a live musician as a career.

Wrap up and a sample song (16:39)

Jim and Kim wrap up the episode by taking a closer look at the themes of the interview before playing the band’s cover of Peggy-O.


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