21: The Infectious Joy of Greg Hoy & The Boys

Jim is without Kim, and while she is not easily replaced, Jason Mundok (who made his SFCS debut last month) does his best filling in as co-host on this episode of the Shirt Factory Center Stage podcast. The pair discuss all the amazing acts coming through LSF this month, including Greg Hoy and the Boys. Jim gets Greg Hoy himself on the phone for an exclusive interview straight from Hoy’s car in a Whole Foods parking lot. Greg shares how he got his start in music, his songwriting process, and  a preview of the songs he’ll be rocking at the Shirt Factory on Friday, Oct. 14th. . Then, Jason, joined by a mysterious guest, closes the show with some musical and eerie happenings around town. Tune in for your ticket to a spooktacular October.

Greg Hoy & The Boys
The Sea The Sea
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