In the very first episode of Shirt Factory Center Stage, hosts Jim Hoffer and Kim Schaller take you on a behind-the-scenes discussion of the newest hotspot in central Pennsylvania — the Lititz Shirt Factory. Kim and Jim share their backgrounds and insights while Jim explains why he decided to open an art space and concert venue in his hometown.

It’s an excellent look at two highly accomplished and fun professionals and a taste of what’s to come at the Lititz Shirt Factory.


Jim Hoffer’s career (1:38)

Jim is the quintessential American story — Boy grows up and leaves his small town, makes a career and name for himself in the big city, and then returns to that small town to do big things. We start Jim’s story with his career in television journalism, including his decision to be an investigative journalist instead of an anchor.

Jim’s Emmy-winning story (4:43)

Jim shares the tale of how he broke the biggest story of his career. It all started with a decision to stake out a naval base with nuclear submarines and turned into an Emmy-winning report. As Jim notes, it was both scary and exciting as hell.

Why leave it all behind? (8:04)

With multiple awards to his name and the respect of his peers in a large market, Jim could have done nearly anything he wanted within his career. Instead, some personal tragedies saw him ride off into the sunset for his next chapter.

Kim Schaffer in Hershey (9:49)

Kim’s career ascent made it all the way to the sweetest place on Earth — Hershey, PA. She became the first woman to become Chief Marketing Officer of Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. Kim shares what the job involved, her experience in the role, imposter syndrome, and helping other women throughout her career.

NASA (13:59)

Despite having an excellent job in Hershey, Kim couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with NASA. She details the projects she got to work on and what it was like hanging out with astronauts.

Retirement (15:51)

After a long career in marketing, Kim decided to hang it up and retire. She explains her decision to move on from her marketing career.

Jim and Kim meet (16:49)

Though they haven’t known each other long, it was a quick friendship. Jim and Kim talk about how they met and some of the things they share in common.

What is the Lititz Shirt Factory? (17:45)

Jim discusses what the Shirt Factory meant to him before purchasing it, what vision he has for the building, and how he chose the name.

The impact of COVID on Jim’s plans (21:14)

Like most businesses, the coronavirus pandemic forced a change and delay of plans for the Lititz Shirt Factory.

Collusion Brewery (22:02)

Though delayed due to COVID-19, Collusion Brewery has officially opened a location inside the Lititz Shirt Factory. Jim and Kim talk about the wonderful products they’ll be serving to the crowds.

Future episodes (23:02)

Jim and Kim tease the next few episodes. Master brewers from Collusion and the architects responsible for refurbishing the Shirt Factory.


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